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I wanted a chocolate icing that set firm - every mothers wish. The only icing available was a ready mixed plain chocolate frosting that was full of bad stuff and numbers, stayed sticky and made a mess on everything it touched. I wanted something natural for my family but I couldnt find it!


After 2 years of experimenting with consistency and taste I developed the perfect setting icing  every time. I did not want Canola Oil for my family, and butter always tasted best.  By keeping the butter out and letting you add it in (or a butter alternative) meant I didn't need to use preservatives.  Excited with the results I took things to the next level...


Pure natural fruit extracts were sourced from New Zealand and that's when the fun began. Focus groups were assembled and field tests were conducted with our Fudge Icing Mix. The results were instantly staggering. The flavours were incredible...


Granny Delicious Fudge Icing Mix is made fresh when you need it with just 50gms of melted buter (or butter alternative) and it is perfect for Cakes, Slices, Muffins, Cup Cakes, and as a base for Truffles. 

Now 6 years on, our exciting baking mix range has grown to also include...

      * White Chocolate Raspberry & White Chocolate Banana Mix's

      * Granny's Famous Chocolate & White Chocolate Cake Mix's

      * Granny's Creamy Chocolate & White Chocolate Mousse Mix's

       * Granny's Famous Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding Mix "YUM"

       * New Zealand Lolly Cake Kit

       * Chocolate Truffle Kit


My 5 children and 10 grandchildren all love the delicious flavours.

Which is where the name actually came from ...

"Granny it's Delicious"

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