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A more natural alternative with ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIVES
Sets on your baking and melts in your mouth – NO STICKY MESS TO CLEAN UP
GLUTEN FREE(and can be dairy free if required)
Each 1.1kg Bulk Pack contains 6 x sealed bags of Icing Mix & 6 x sachets of PURE NATURAL EXTRACT
Make up each bag with just 50g melted butter and 2 tablespoons of boiling water
Smooth on baking while liquid and it SETS PERFECTLY in minutes with or without refrigeration
Use one or many of the bags as required and the balance stays sealed fresh. NO WASTE is a big bonus!
LONG AMBIENT SHELF LIFE of 4 years (tested in high humidity settings)
6 incredible natural flavours for DELICIOUS VARIETY
Easily made in just 2 mins and can be SPREAD, PIPE, DIP, POUR
Left over icing can be refrigerated for up to 4 weeks and microwaved for 10 sec to soften again
PERFECT FLAVOUR and texture CONTINUITY every time!

Direct shipped to your door nationwide

Fudge Icing Mix Chocolate Orange Bulk 1.1kg

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